Cal Ripken Baseball and Softball Player Eligibility

UpdatedFriday May 17, 2019 byBill Huffman.

The eligibility requirements for participation in Kingswood Cal Ripken baseball and softball are as follows:

  1. Player must reside within the Kingswood Cal Ripken League Boundary as defined by New Hampshire Babe Ruth. Our league boundary includes: Wolfeboro, Ossipee, Tuftonboro, New Durham, Brookfield, and Effingham. This includes parts of towns with different names and/or zip codes (e.g., West Ossipee, Melvin Village).
  2. Player must not have a locked/suspended account in our registration system due to unpaid balance or any other reason (e.g., safety, conduct, legal).
    1. Registrations not prepaid by credit card must be paid prior to a team’s first game for player to be eligible to play.
    2. KCRBL will work with families to unlock accounts on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Player must meet age eligibility (aka League Age).
    1. League Age is defined different for baseball and softball.
      1. Baseball League Age is the age of a given player on May 1 of the year of the baseball season.
        1. For example, for the 2018 season, Player A was born on May 3, 2005, and Player B was born on April 29, 2005. Player A (age 12) is eligible for baseball Majors, but Player B (age 13) is no longer eligible for Cal Ripken
      2. Softball League Age is the age of a given player by year
        1. For example, for the 2018 season, Player A was born in 2006 and Player B was born in 2005. Player A is eligible to play 12U. Player B is no longer eligible to play softball in KCRBL.
    2. Requests to have a player stay at a previous level or move up to the next level despite not being in that level’s age range are taken and assessed on a case-by-case basis.
    3. Players age and under, and age 13 and over (per League Age) are ineligible.
  4. Baseball tournament team eligibility
    1. Player must meet age requirements
      1. No player over age 12 on 12u, over age 10 on 10u, over age 8 on 8u.
    2. Player must be rostered on league team.
    3. Player must participate in 50 percent of league games (i.e., Team X plays 10 games, player must play in at least 5 of them). (Cal Ripken 2018 rule)