2018 Coaches Info

Team structure, background checks, certification, and terminology

UpdatedTuesday February 20, 2018 byBill Huffman.

The following terms as presented by Babe Ruth League Inc and Cal Ripken Baseball are used: "Manager" is for a head coach of a team, and "Coach" is for any coaching assistant to the Manager. The league website also follows this terminology when registering.  KCRBL is also using "Assistant Coach," as defined below for baseball. 

All Managers and Coaches (baseball and softball) must have background checks. All Managers and Coaches must, therefore, be registered on the KCRBL website in the specific roles in order for the league to run the background checks. 

All Managers must be certified, completing the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth certification course/test, and inform the league office. Certification is required of all district and state tournament managers and coaches. 

KCRBL is enforcing the following manager-coaching rules for baseball in 2018 (and beyond) to mitigate player recruitment and “talent stacking” in order to have parity among teams—the league is for the benefit and fair playing field of the kids.

  • Each Majors/Minors team will have one (1) Manager, who is responsible for the team all season.
  • Each Manager can have one (1) Coach assigned to the team before teams are formed at the annual draft (hereafter termed "Assistant Coach").
  • The Manager can be a parent of an incoming player (player moving up), parent of a returning player (on the team the previous year), or community member with no player on the team.
  • The Assistant Coach can be a parent of a returning player (on the team the previous year) or community member with no player on the team. 
  • The Assistant Coach can only be a parent of an incoming player (player moving up) when all coaches (excluding Manager) from the previous year will not coach in the current year.
  • If a team has zero (0) returning coaches, including Manager, then both the Manager and Assistant Coach can be parents of incoming players.
  • Additional coaches can be added from the parents/community only after teams are formed.  
  • Teams can have no more than one (1) Manager and three (3) Coaches.
  • Only the Manager can represent the team and attend the annual draft.