Code of Conduct

Coaches, Parents, and Players

UpdatedFriday April 5, 2019 byKCRBL Officers.

1. All players, coaches, parents, spectators and officials must conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect for all others and the facilities. 

2. Sportsmanship is essential and must be displayed by all who play, coach, or watch KCRBL games and practices. 

3. The safety and welfare of all is the top priority with the emotional and physical well-being of players, coaches, and fans placed ahead of the desire to win. Coaches must strive to make KCRBL a fun experience for all players. 

4. KCRBL has a zero tolerance toward drugs and alcohol at all KCRBL sporting events. 

5. Coaches must recognize their influence on players and commit to being a positive role model. 

6. All parents, spectators, and fans must demonstrate positive support for all players. Anyone being rude, disruptive, or insulting to any player, coach, or official will be asked to leave the facility. Profanity will not be tolerated.

7. Organized cheers, or chanting, from players, parents, or fans is not allowed at the baseball Minors and Majors levels. This activity is distracting to the players. This is a concern for both the emotional and physical well-being of the players. We do not want a player to become so distracted or bothered that the player is adversely affected on the playing field, For example, a player could be unaware of a ball coming at them, whether hit or thrown, possibly causing injury.

8. Parents and fans must not coach from the sidelines. Leave the coaching to the coaches. There are enough things going on during a game that can distract the players, hearing you coach from the sideline is another one. Anyone being disruptive in this manner will be asked to leave the facility.


9. Smoking and tobacco products are prohibited on The Nick and Foss Field. For the health of all players, coaches, officials, and families, please refrain from smoking and using tobacco products at any of the fields at any facilities that KCRBL uses.